Feb 26, 2011

kitchen fun

One of the things that I love/loathe about gluten free cooking is the mess that I make when I mix my flour mix.

I don't remember "regular" wheat flour getting everywhere the way that the starches that I use in my GF mixes do.

(I had already made a cursory tidy when I shot this!)

Whatevs. The mix works like a charm for practically everything so I am not going to worry about it.

Just clean it up when I'm done!

This particular mess was in pursuit of a new recipe that I tried from Molly Wizenburg's A Homemade Life that was recommended to me from the lovely Danielle.

Dutch Babies!
Not to be mistaken for toddlers in clogs, these are BAKED PANCAKES!
What what??

(I remembered to get a picture halfway through eating it, but you get the idea)

I am thinking that it probably stays puffier with the standard all purpose flour that the recipe calls for (I literally just swap out my GF mix for any calls for all purpose flour, I am a lazy GF gourmet!)
And we have since made this recipe with cinnamon and sugar instead of the lemon and confectioners sugar that the original calls for, both are delicious!

I will also admit to trying to tweak the recipe to make an Elephant Ear/Lango creation this morning that was a hilarious disaster. So I'll follow the instructions the next time I make it!

OH! AND I made a half batch in muffin tins and made us Yorkshire Puddins the other night with a roast, and THEY turned out great! (minus the cinnamon and sugar/lemon or course!)

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Oh yum oh yum oh yum! As per my bloated stomach's insistence I am going out to purchase your recommended list of starches and flours this very day. I shall be tackling Molly's banana loaf with my new GF mix later this week!


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