Jan 25, 2011

Another headcold

is bringing me down man! This is my third head cold in as many months, and before this I can't even remember when I had one.

Nothing like working with lots of people everyday and a husband in university to bring these things to my face. Literally.

I shouldn't really complain too much, I am still able to function (there was one something that got me when we were in Vancouver that dropped me HARD on my ass for a few days. Geoff went so far as to go out one night specifically for something to bring be back to life. That was a bad one.)
We're in day 2 of this one and I am hoping that the MULTIPLE oranges a day that I have been scarfing down will kick it to the curb.


I am actually eating my third orange for today (I started craving them last week, so Sonny knew this was coming) and I am going to cozy up with the dog on the couch now.

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