Jan 16, 2011


I haven't been taking too many pictures of Sonny so far, I wasn't really showing for the longest time, and then WHAM! all of a sudden I was all PREGNANT.

I think I am about 20 weeks here.

We're probably at 22 weeks in these.

I am pretty sure I took this one a couple weeks ago so I am going to say that this is 24 weeks along.

And these last three I took last week, at 25 weeks!

It's pretty insane. I've listened to women who are all "Oh it's just so wonderful, I love being pregnant, it's miracle, so amazing!" And it is. Totally.

But it's also TOTALLY WEIRD to have a HUMAN IN THERE.

The first time I felt him moving, it was a wee jab while I was sitting on the bus.
I was all "THAT'S definitely not digestion"

And now I get daily kicks and punches, the weirdest is when he punches the ol' bladder WHILE I AM PEEING.

Too much? TOO BAD! IT'S REAL!

So far we have noticed that he likes/reacts to:
Leonard Cohen
Hot chocolate
De La Soul
Apples and cheese
Mama relaxing. This is the big one. As soon as I've leaned back and taken a moment to relax he gets SUPER BUSY. One night he kept me up for what felt like an hour.
(it was probably only 15 minutes, but STILL!)

We've seen him in ultrasound a few times now, and I am so unbelievably excited to meet him in person! Like, sometimes I have a hard time containing myself.

But then I think about HOW he's getting out of there and I have to think about something ELSE. Immediately.



LOVE little Sonny! So cute. He has a very fashionable incubator :)

Deedee said...

You and your Sonny Bump are ADORABLE!!!

Sandra said...

Good lord, you are even more stunning than usual!! (insert b-word here :) So sad I'm not going to see you preggers but CAN NOT wait until I see you post-babe! xoox


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