Jan 16, 2011

I feel a new craft love coming on

My mother in law lent me this book the other day, a book that I have been COVETING hard for ages, and ohmygodit'ssogood!

I've got a whole SLEW of ideas swimming around in my brain right now.

So. Many.

I've got a few commission pieces to make in the studio before I shut her down for Maternity leave and we make the final changes to that room to make it Sonny's.

I am actually really excited to do it. It's been hard to work in there since we cleaned it up, it's SO bright and tidy in there, that the idea of throwing a bunch of metal dust into the air has me cringing a bit. But I will.
Geoff was amazing and spent a whole day in there while I was at work getting it set up so that I could work again.

Tonight in fact I am sizing a ring and cutting out a couple more band rings for Wood Grain rings. Then I've got a woozy commission that I have a meeting about tomorrow morning. And I've applied for one more craft market, so I will be making bangles for that and maybe some new little rings to match.

We'll see about that though.

Anyway, the whole point of this rambling rant is that I am going to print some fabric once the studio is no longer my space. My hands are itching to cut some lino stamps and I am thinking that I will get my Lace Blossom done up as a stamp too. I had been meaning to do that ages ago for packaging and never got around to it. But I think that this give me the perfect motive to finally get that made up.

I have a facebook Pay It Forward project that I am a part of (basically I have to make 5 hand made things for the first 5 people to comment on that update, I am sure you've seen it) and I am leaning towards tea towels or hankies or some other sweet thing.


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