Jul 4, 2010

A cat named Kitty and a human named Munchkin.

So our nieces have left the island and life is getting back into it's normal rhythms again. I won't say that I won't miss them, because I already do. It's hard to not love someone who is SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU at all times.

I am really looking forward to having them around all the time when they move out here.

I'm just saying, they are pretty awesome.

And they demanded stuffies. In the nicest way possible of course!
I asked them what kind of stuffies they each wanted the first weekend they were here.
Beans said she wanted a human. What will you name him I asked her. "Kid" And Sweetpea wanted a kitty. "Because I like being a cat"

Okay. What ever you want.

I made up a cardboard pattern for each shape and precut 3 of each in the fabrics that I brought up with us. That way there was no scissor drama to deal with. They are only 4 after all and I don't have any kid friendly scissors. I had snips with me and they were like a magnet for Beans, she immediately had her hands on them! They are sharp little buggers so I very calmly told her that they were VERY sharp and that only Poppa and Auntie Jana used them. She was very cool about the whole thing and explained to me that "if she wasn't careful she might cut her finger and bleed her head off"

So she gave them back.

I had the same fabric markers from Christmas and they both went straight to work on their dolls. Very cute!

Once they were done drawing their dolly faces I stitched up the sides and then they stuffed them.

They sleep with them now too. Ohmygodtheyaresocute!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! You're the coolest Auntie ever! Miss you! Noelle ;)


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