Jul 14, 2010



I've been working on a pair of commission wedding bands for a lovely couple in Vancouver and I am just about the head back into the studio to work on them some more.
His is just about ready (I think I have to size it down a bit, it's feeling a bit too big to me) and her's will be ready shortly. The gold is being difficult, but I know how to wrangle it now and it will submit before long.

I worked the early shift at work today so that my Mom and Kristy (The Sister) could make a date of seeing Eclipse.

We do this now. Mom doesn't like crowds (neither do I frankly so this new system works just fine for me) So we take the day off to watch Teen Vampire Romances.

No judging.

I have no doubt that come November we'll do the same thing for the first of TWO Harry Potter movies that had better be better than the LAST ONE PEOPLE. I am sorry, but let me go on a bit of a rant here.

The first 5 HP movies were AWESOME. Don't even try to front like you didn't LOVE them.
But the 6th... what is it called?? Oh Right, Harry Potter and the Half Assed Budget.

Not. So. Much.

I am currently reading the Deathly Hollows RIGHT NOW and it. is. RAD.

And while we were watching the trailers this afternoon at Eclipse, they showed the D. H. trailer and it looks pretty good. But I wouldn't put it past them to skimp out on the Harry Potterness that is CRUCIAL to the movies.

I am sorry, I think that I might be 13 right now, and having a bit of a fit.

I am going to eat dinner (something besides the 3 (!) brownies that I scarfed upon walking into the house) and go to work in the studio to try to get myself together.

No pictures, sorry again.
Maybe next time.

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