Jul 22, 2010

Prepping up packages for a couple of Mini PenPals

I have been thinking of putting together little books for the Girls to share with us to mail back and forth while they live in Calgary.

My plan was to make little books like I saw here (Oh Bleubird! I love your blog!) It's such a good idea, and The Girls love crafts so I had to do something similar.

But I just picked up a couple of tiny moleskines instead of making little books (I actually looked around for scrap paper to make books, but we don't have any! Just printer paper and Geoff needs that for school.)
But the wee moleskines are perfect, they come in packages of two and the new cover colors are great. We went with bright green and neon green for this project.

For THESE TWO goofballs!

Once they discovered this game, it was all over for anything else for a while!

Uncle Dave got in on the action too.


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