Jun 25, 2010

Busy week!

I just realized that I haven't posted anything for over a week! I am very sorry about this.

Last weekend we were up at the lake with Geoff's family. His/our nieces are in town for another week so we are going up again tonight.

They are so crazy cute! They are 4 and a half now and we are a craft loving bunch.
The first thing that Beans said to me was " are we going to make stuffy dolls tonight?"

(I made them stuffy dolls at Christmas remember?)

I wasn't prepared for stuffies last weekend, but I will be tomorrow that's for sure!

Last weekend wasn't a bust though, I was ready with paint your own bead necklaces kits from Love Monkey which were a hit.

And we made Monster Smoothies (don't tell them, but spinach is the secret monster ingredient that makes them green!)

And on Monday afternoon we decorated some bird house kits I had saved from last Christmas. Which turned into a hilarious glitter glue show. They glitter glued my legs when they were done their bird houses! Cute!

I only took two pictures last weekend however, so I will try to take more tomorrow!

Back on Monday!

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