Jan 13, 2010

Holiday pics

This year was the first time I experienced Christmas with kids around.
Besides when I WAS a kid.

It's totally different.

They are mad excited.

Geoff's twin 4 year old nieces were in town and they are a total blast.

Their gift from us was making their own dolls.

I had prepped up some fabric as fronts and backs, let them choose which side they wanted for each, and then they got to draw whatever they wanted with fabric markers. (I sewed them up after the girls stuffed them)
It was really fun and they were totally adorable. Lauren came running into the kitchen, arms out, and yelled "I am excited to do crafts with you Auntie Jana!"

I love those turds.

"We're not turds Auntie Jana, we're little girls."
I stand corrected.

I tried to get pictures of the dolls when they were finished, but they wouldn't let me, they had to play with them.

4 year olds are fast

Christmas eve was also the first time I got to meet our newest nephew.
good lord so cute.

6 weeks old at Christmas. Norman was snuggled in just before I took this picture!

What I also really love about hanging out with the Girls is how much they love Uncle Geoff. We went to the beach to throw rocks on Boxing Day before we came back into town.

All went smoothly until at the same time, one fell off a log and the other into the water.


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Anonymous said...

Aaaaw, memories! Looking forward to lots more Christmas fun if we can ever get moved!! Miss ya, Noelle ;)


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