Jun 16, 2010

Dewdrop ring

I was approached a little while ago to donate to a worthy cause, The Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders, and I wasn't sure what to send them.

I am thinking that I might send them this.

They are having an auction in October and since I had a little time before they needed the pieces for the auction I wanted to make them something specific.

This ring is made from recycled copper and sterling silver and the stone in the center (the dew drop) is a 4mm chalcedony. It's a size 6.
I've blackened the copper on the inside so that the edges really stand out, and the warmth of it is really amazing. It's so much better in real life!
And I've been really exploring texture lately (there are a couple of new band rings that I am loving, and will share once they are finished!)
and I've engraved the center blossom/petal to make it look more like a real petal.

It reminds me of my Amma so much that I am tempted to make another one similar for myself to keep. She had some amazing copper pieces from the 60's and 70's that I remember loving as a kid.

I might have to do that.

But this one is for the auction.

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