Apr 28, 2010

Origin (Gluten Free) Bakery

I cannot even express to you how wonderful this bakery is. It's only been open for just over a month now, and they make INSANELY DELICIOUS GF breads and treats.
I went in and got to chat with the women behind it all and they are lovely and fresh and are making a valuable contribution to this community.

Geoff and I popped in this morning and picked up a couple of muffins (moist and cakey and not GF tasting AT ALL!), a chocolate cupcake (rich and delicious - with icing even)
and a couple of dinner rolls for later.

I haven't tried mine yet but it looks great.

And what I am probably the MOST EXCITED about is the baguettes.

That's right. BAGUETTES!!!!!

They weren't out of the oven yet when we were there, but I intend to call in one morning and pick up one (or three) on my way into work.

You can check out their website HERE


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Heather Anne said...

I know the ladies who own it. Both Marion and Tara are excellent bakers and I am so excited for them (and me!). Try the focaccia as well....it makes a great panini!!!


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