Apr 20, 2010

She and Him

I know that this is certainly not the first time you are reading about this, but it has been on HEAVY rotation here and I still can't quite get enough of it.

Volume Two is awesome (Volume One is awesome too, let's not forget to mention this shall we?)

Check out more here

The second song particularly makes me cry EVERY TIME it comes on. I expect that it will be sung as a lullaby to any and all children within a 2 block radius of me that can't sleep from now on. That good.

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Sara said...

Hey Jana!

Check out http://www.stereomood.com. I think that you'll utterly love it! It's a site of playlists based on music harvested from places like Pitchfork, etc. The music is along these lines, for the most part. Every time I go I find something new to like! :)



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