Apr 22, 2010

earth day love

Happy Earth Day you!

Do you have any eco conscious plans on the radar?
Geoff and I are always pretty aware of what we're doing and how it affects the world around us. I can't remember the last time I bought a bottle of water (always have my Klean Kanteen with me) and I take the bus everyday (and now that the weather is improving so beautifully I've been walking a lot more and I've got a hilarious old bike in the carport that is just waiting for some TLC)

In fact I am REALLY excited to get that bike ready to ride, I've been feeling the long winter months of less activity weighing on me (ha! Get it?) and I am ready to get ready for summer on the lake (just the weekends this year, we were so lucky to be able to live at the lake last summer, but new job = new schedule and I've only got weekends to enjoy the lake. Tough I know. My life is SOOO hard.)

I'll take pictures of the bike as I get to work on it. I am thinking that I'll be able to start getting parts for it next paycheck!

Tres Exciting!

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