May 1, 2010

Home Making in the Spring!

I have been thinking a lot lately about looking for a dining set for dining Al Fresco this summer while we're in town. We are so lucky to be able to spend time at the lake. Don't get me wrong. But with new schedules it would be nice to be able to eat outside for weekdays when going to the lake isn't an option. (Geoff is taking summer classes and I now work Monday to Friday!)

On the side of the house I think there is a perfect little hide away spot that gets evening sunshine but is still kind of secluded thanks to the plum tree in front. And wouldn't something like THIS be adorable?

All it needs are some cute cushions (that I could whip up on a free weekend) and a patio style umbrella that I was thinking of picking up from Ikea anyway for summer markets.

OOOH! I am LOVING this idea more and more! Mom and Kristy and I are budgeting for an ikea trip so I could swing this. Maybe.

The laptop that I've been saving for FOREVER is getting further and further away!
(I had to dip into the laptop fund a little while back so it's looking really sad now. And I was SO CLOSE! Grr.)

But I could host summer dinner parties! Like a Lady!

Oh my god now I need to do this for sure.

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