Oct 12, 2009

Turkey dinner

and family is something that we do at my parent's house twice a year. My Mom, bless her heart! spends ALL day in the kitchen and is totally pooped by the end of it all.
It's always delicious, and every year there seems to be one more dog.

I kid you not.

Until family friends arrived the dogs had us outnumbered.

And they are all over 80 pounds.

I joked that it is only a matter of time before the beasts realize this and take control.
Everyone laughed, but I was only half joking.

The newest member of the pack is Mable, a hulking Weimereiner Pit Bull cross who is honestly the sweetest creature I have come across in a long time. There were some worried about her in the beginning, the stereotypes unfortunately preceded her and I think that there are still some concerns over her energy levels (she's huge and INTENSE, I can see where that comes from. And she's a bit of a mouthy kisser, and even I was a little freaked the first time she put my WHOLE ARM IN HER MOUTH.) But I would be a little freaked if any 90 lb dog put my arm in their mouth. Seems like a rational reaction to me.

She belongs to my Sister and her boyfriend and joins their menagerie of large dog (now 2 large dogs) 2 cats, a lizard and a BOA CONSTRICTOR.

But everyone falls in love with her within minutes of meeting her and she really seems to fit in perfectly.

My Dad half joked that Mable could stay at their house last night and my poor Mom couldn't shoo us all out of there fast enough! (my parent's have 4 hulking beasts already, I wouldn't have let us in at all.)

(I am trying to upload the pictures I have onto Geoff's laptop, but it doesn't appear to be happening. Will keep trying)

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