Oct 5, 2009

So far this week.

I have been kicked in the face by a head cold and really just want to sleep, or watch Austen Romances all day.

But we've had a plumber in all day putting in new pipes to our kitchen sink (which is actually awesome because Now I Can Do Dishes again! And the weeks worth of dirty dishes that had to SIT THERE all week are finally clean, and we get to use our dishwasher for the FIRST TIME EVER) These are all good things.

But Norman has possibly blown his other knee (won't know for sure until tomorrow night) but he is basically bedridden, poor bugger, and I can't carry him with my stupid wrist and I am not sure what we're going to do when he needs to go Outside.

And the water heater up at the cabin has kicked the bucket so we spent Saturday night soaking up the bedroom floor and Sunday ripping up the carpets. The previously mentioned head cold is a result of sleeping in the main room, getting a chill and freezing all night.


I am hoping that things will look up in the morning, and that our Little Buddy will be okay. That's the main thing.


Heather Anne said...

Awww poor Norman!

(Which by the way is my dad's name, and so whenever I see an animal named Norman I have to giggle).....

I hope he's ok!!!

Jana May said...

He's blown his cruciate ligament in both knees now.
He's doing way better than the other day, but he still can't put any real weight on his back end. So we (Geoff actually, I can't pick him up because of my wrist. Ugh!) has to carry him everywhere and we have to watch him like a hawk to catch him before he tried to get up.
He doesn't know why we won't let him to ANYTHING! But he seems to be happy and mostly relaxed, so we're rolling with it.


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