Oct 24, 2009

wish list continues...

I think to myself that I will only look on etsy for the things that I covet (I have a pretty long list of favorites already!) but I know that I will be coveting other things from other places as well.

for example.

I have seen these while shopping with Angie, as well as on a couple of lovely stylish gals (one of which was wearing an outfit that I totally HAVE already!)

They are SO CUTE!
And this Oiled finish is just gorgeous. (and more practical for our rain forest climate?)

But back to etsy,
there are some really amazing artists selling on there and here are a couple of my favorite favorites...

Beautiful Dandelion Pitcher from Soule

These ADORABLE Owl dolls from Savage Artworks

nesting owl dolls from them as well are catching my eye.
And they are from Vancouver!

And lastly for today, these beautiful crochet necklaces from Wren Handmade.

I am swooning!

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