Aug 29, 2009

New work (an no pictures!)

I am a bad blogger. I have actually taken one single picture of the new jewellery that I've been working on in the last little while. Beautiful feather earrings, pendants and today a bangle.
But it's on the other computer.

I know!! I keep doing this to you.
I am sure you are scratching your head and wondering to yourself why do I read this crap?
She's just a tease.

I am very sorry. It's just too easy to pop onto Geoff's laptop when it's just lying there on the couch to check my email and meander around to the Old Blog.

I have actually been taking more pictures lately with the very good intention of sharing things that are actually in front of me.

And then I go and get onto the wrong computer!

And that's not all I'm going to tease you with.

Like jewellery isn't enough already!

I have been on a bit of a cupcake kick lately.

We had some mini ones make their way into the new studio, and on Thursday I made some for The Last Stevenson Family Dinner of the Summer. Vanilla Ginger with lemon icing.

Oh christ they were good.

And now I have just made chocolate cupcakes(with white chocolate chips no less) and almond icing to go on them.

Oh my god!! I just want to eat all of them right now!
But they are too hot, and I feel like it's in my best interests to eat dinner first.

That seems like the mature thing to do.

I am not going to lay any bets on what we eat for dinner.

Probably cupcakes.

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