Aug 10, 2009

Threadless is my new favorite thing

I just discovered this.
That's not true, I've known about Threadless for a long time, but tonight was the first time I actually looked with the intention of getting a design. (Geoff is ordering some and I get to pick one for myself!)
And holy crappers, there is some awesome artists on there.

This one in particular is blowing my mind.

Not only because it's SO beautiful, but also because the artist is 19.

So cool.

But I think that the shirt I am going to order it this one

Losing my mind.

1 comment:

Heather Anne said...

Hey, you can get almost all of these shirts downtown Victoria at Uptopia, a place owned by a friend of mine!
Some of them are so hilarious...I have a few of these myself :)


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