Aug 20, 2009

It's my birthday

and all I wanted to do all day is read.
And I have. Most of this book...

which is pretty good I guess. I am struggling a little bit to identify with a character that is kind of crazy, and all the scorpion god stuff. Scorpion god this and scorpion god that. There are some snake god in there too. Lots of stinging death god.

Every single sentence.

But otherwise I have been enjoying it so far. But I am kind of getting the drift of where it's going. So it's been temporarily usurped by this one...

which I am really enjoying. I have read the rest of the novels in this series so I am really liking getting more of the character's stories and I think that I will likely read any more books she writes for them.

I am halfway through this one now. Started it this morning.

Getting a bit of a headache.

Might nap.

Might keep reading and finish it tonight.

It's my birthday (30!) so it's all good.

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