Oct 27, 2008

Out of Hand

I received our Out of Hand package this morning, got our booth number (28) and our flyers to hand out.
Very exciting!
I've been thinking about new designs, as you know, and this morning I ordered some new packaging and displays.
They should arrive on Friday if all goes well.
So all in all I am looking forward to this years fair.
I think that we worked out some kinks in our display style last year, and we both have a better idea of what people are looking for, so I am feeling good.
Way less stressed out than last year.

Which is great. Really great.

In unrelated news, I was a bad jeweller this weekend.
I worked on a few things, but I had ordered some books in to the library.

I read so much yesterday that I had to go to bed early with a headache!

It was so worth it though!
I read this one on Friday

and half of this one Saturday and yesterday

I've got another one that I am not even going to LOOK at until I've got some more inventory under my belt, for real!
And a cookbook that I need to scan some recipes from because they are SOOO GOOD.
My future sister in law made us a couple recipes from this book while we were on the island for Thanksgiving and they were both AMAZING.
So I now must try them at home.

I love new recipes!

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