Oct 20, 2008

New necklace!

It's taken me a bit longer than I had hoped to get back into the studio, but I am back in action and working on some new designs.
I've got a pair of sample earrings that are almost done (I'll post pictures when they are totally finito) and this morning I finished up this new necklace.
Pretty cute I think.

All sterling silver with some 14k yellow gold beads thrown in for fun!
I want to do a couple different versions to work out the kinks, but I like the way it's started.
There are a couple of other ideas floating around in the old brain at the moment, and I am thinking of some fun new ideas for Out of Hand as well.
(please note, I've added the Out of Hand link to the left, please check it out!)
Now I must brush my teeth and get the heck to work!


Deedee said...

I really really love this. So pretty.
How much will it be??

Anonymous said...

Jana! This is elegant and and playful.
Excited for OOH!

Jana May said...

I am still working out the pricing, but I am leaning towards $74 for some reason. And I need to work out the second chain, because it twists up CRAZY like when you wear it this way.
I'm working on it though!


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