Oct 18, 2008

getting back to business

Things have been on a bit of hiatus here at Janamade.
The staff crunch at work took much longer than I expected.
But I have hired and am almost finished training the new staff (who are awesome) so I can FINALLY start getting back to my own work.

Which is VERY exciting.

I've got some fresh ideas for Out Of Hand, which is coming up very soon (!) and I am hoping to update and refresh this here blog too.
Possibly this weekend, but I really want to make again. So I might save the blog updates for next week.

On today's agenda: earrings and a new necklace design I need to sample before I get too excited.

And next week I am ordering some display finally.
It was a gift from last Christmas, that I haven't been able to afford to order until now. But it's coming! Oh yes, it's coming.
Professional style jewellery display! Like a bust and really sharp rings stands.
Very cool.

And yesterday I picked up this guy to recharge my production!

And some evidence that I did indeed clean up my bench!

And I am going to leave this post with the last pictures we got of sunny fall weather. We took Norman to the dog park two weekends ago, and it was LOVELY!


Jarno said...

Hi there Jana May!

My name is Jarno de Vries. I know, I can't help that either, probably has to do something with the fact that I am Dutch. Anyway >>

I was browsing thru the blogs 'out here' and the reason I am responding to you is twofold: I love your writing-style & enthusiasm. I guess because it reminds me of me :)

I have a blog out here too and it's definitely about something completely different (dawn21stcentury.blogspot.com >> warning: do not read, it's insane)

What do I want? Two things:

1. To let you know that Apeldoorn, Holland is now tuned in; I'm gonna follow your blog.

2. To thank you. Cause I think positive energy & enthusiasm is what this planet needs! Reading your stuff makes me happy (and I might learn a thing or two about goldsmitting and craft work)

Thanks for listening, good luck and bye bye now.

Jana May said...

Thanks Jarno!
That was a lovely thing to say and I really appreciate it!

I'm going to check out your blog right now!


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