Oct 4, 2008

gettin back to business

So, my favorite kid is turning 4 next week, and I had a special request for a Rainbow Mermaid.

Here is what I am sending.

(I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this blog, being 4 and all, so I am not worried that she'll see it and ruin the surprise!)
It's so cute! Even if I do say so myself. And I couldn't help it, I had to add an E mini tag. They chime together so perfectly! Dee will always know where Em is when she wears this.

That's getting mailed off this afternoon, so it should arrive just in time!

In other non-birthday related news, it's officially Fall.
I actually worked through the equinox itself, but the weather and the trees are shouting it loud and clear.
I need to get busy and make some fall Cardigans now!
Like right now.

I've got plans for a waffle knit long cardi in heather gray.
And I just saw THIS ONE!

Oh my god so CUTE!
This is the trouble with the internet, too many cute things that I NEED.

On to more productive things shall we?

So my bench is a disaster. Filthy and disgusting.
Please see exhibit A.

Just LOOK at the drop tray! Full of so much filings and dust and C R A P.
My job for today it to clean that bench until I am no longer loathe to touch it. Because that's sort of how I am looking at it right now.

I will post an After photo once it's all said and done.

Oh and speaking of Fall (I know, a bit of a round about there)
it was time to break out the teapot last night.

I found this Teapot at the thrift store in Qualicum Beach for something ridiculous like $6.
It holds something amazing like 18 cups of tea! (read 6, it just feels like 18 after you've drunk the whole pot in the evening and you are up until 2 peeing.)
Was that too much info? Well deal with it.

Off to clean the bench!

1 comment:

Deedee said...

I love the necklace!!!! Thank you for helping to raise my child to be the coolest little girl ever.


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