Sep 28, 2008

I'm getting excited about this!

I will try to be responsible and NOT turn this blog into wedding central, but I have just spent the last hour going through wedding magazines (something that I have NEVER encountered before) ripping out pages in order to prepare My Wedding Proposal for Geoff.
He had been AMAZING about letting me girl out on this. I have been asking him all of these totally random questions about what he'd like, and this weekend he told me that I can make this the day that I picture in my head.
Which honestly, is incredible and makes me love him EVEN MORE.
So what I told him I'd do, was put together a visual proposal so he can see what I am thinking.
Which will give him some veto chances in case he hates something, AND allows me to CRAFT A WEDDING LOOK BOOK.

Which right now is blowing my mind.
I've been quietly keeping some stuff on the computer as I haphazardly browse around online while I eat breakfast, and just now went though some of it to clear out some of the random "what was I thinking" stuff.

There wasn't a lot of those, but some definite keepers!
Check it out.

I LOVE that RSVP card, I think I saw it on etsy. So funny!

I want to DIY as much of this wedding as I can, I can't see the point of spending THOUSANDS of dollars and a day that will hurtle by.
That makes no sense to me.

Plus I know me some crafty gals, so I am hoping to rope them into helping out!
(you know who you are)

I am going to draw up an illustration for our invites, and I've pretty much designed my dress.
I am making our rings, and I like the idea of cupcakes [that we can certainly make ourselves and freeze before hand.]
Plus we are both so low key that some crazy, fancy affair would be totally random and weird I think.

I am even considering just wearing birkenstocks.
Although I have seen some really cute shoes about lately, so that may change!


Deedee said...

I think the look book idea is adorable. Can I see it too?? lol

Anonymous said...

You are tremendously adorable! Also, unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Weeeee!!!! I heart weddings!! I will take away any tips I come by this weekend at my sis's wedding and share with you :) xoox

scaredy-cat said...

I found your blog today while googling for home made pizza recipes... ...And I'm so glad I did! I instantly fell in love with your jewelry, it's so *me*.

Plus you seem to have some great idea for your wedding. I want that first outfit... ;)

scaredy-cat said...

Meant great ideas, obviously. My writing is getting worse and worse. *sigh*


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