Sep 20, 2008

I am coveting again

I try not to, but there are so many lovely things out there right now!
I was turned on to the Levi's website last week from another blog that I was perusing (I am sorry, but I can't remember which one) it was a good blog though.
Anyway, right now I wish I could go shopping for these!

And it doesn't look particularly warm, but I really want to wear this parka.
Everyday. Right now.

Oh sigh.
One day.

I was also looking at boots online, but I haven't seen anything that SCREAMS at me yet, and I am being very thrifty right now. So it really is better if I don't look.

And I would make myself some fun new clothes except that my sewing machine IS NOT WORKING.
Which stresses me out a great deal. Particularly since I have Bag Ideas.
And Dress Ideas.
And Cute Top Ideas.
And a Winter Coat to make.


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