Sep 19, 2008


I've been a busy little bee this week, more so than usual since I have been moving furniture around the apartment before and after work.
Many changes have been happening here at Casa Janamade. First of all was the Armoire Into the Bedroom move. Which I don't have any pictures of, but will certainly get taken and posted when my plans for that room have come entirely to fruition.
And oh there are plans!
Secondly was the BBQ station! Our wonderful landlord was cleaning out her storage shed and GAVE us a brand new mini BBQ still in the box. Never opened.
So I set up this little baby right here.

We haven't tried it out yet (need to get propane first) but it's already awesome.
And we're getting some wetter weather heading our way, so I started looking at BBQ covers. Which are flipping expensive.
So I MADE this one out of a tarp and some duct tape.
Cool yes?

And then I also went to Ikea (the love affair continues!) for this new shelf unit for the bathroom, which is really the only room in the apartment that doesn't see too much love.

We hadn't done anything to it at all since we moved in besides the usual things that happen in bathrooms.

You know.

Well that is all about to change! Especially while I am on HOME DECORATION KICK 2008.
Stay tuned!

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