Mar 8, 2008

Oh the excitement!

I ordered frames on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and they arrived in the mail yesterday.
I almost hypervenilated I was so excited. I haven't taken any pictures yet because I haven't had the real lenses put in yet, but they are SO NICE!!
I can't WAIT to have them all finished and ready to go!

I will certainly post pictures once I have however, I can't tease you like this and not put out.

Today I am working on putting together my "lookbook" for Janamade. So far I've got the template ready to go, but I think that the file might be too big because it fails to open up in photoshop whenever I try to get back in there. So that's a bad sign.
I have been working on updating the old website as well, so far this is what it might look like...

I have emailed to my amazing designer friend Kathryn for a once over and advice, I am hoping that she'll like it.
I like it.
It's not quite as jazzy as I'd hoped, but it's clean and simple and I think that it all works. I can never tell if I've over done it with the birds.
How many birds is too many?

The new Moonstruck pendants are my new favorite thing right now. I haven't taken mine off yet, I do this with all new pieces, wear the heck out of them to test them for any defects or weirdnesses that might pop up, but so far this one is all gravy. It just keeps getting better! The patina is gradually getting darker and it chimes so nicely when I move. The two mini tag pendants I've got on mine are ADORABLE!
It sounds almost like a teeny cat bell, which I think is hilarious so I couldn't be happier!
Here's a little reminder of the Moonstruck.

I've got 5 more ready to go (chains and everything, so organized!)

Back to the Lookbook!

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