Mar 28, 2008

The chickadee print has been burned to screen and is being printed and oh my gosh he looks so good! I've seen him in person as well and Angie has done SUCH a good job!

And I think that he looks pretty good layered over the blossoms too.
Although I am EXTREMELY biased since that is also my favorite (okay, I'll be honest, One of my favorite) tattoos.

Oh yeah, had I not mentioned that before? I am almost the tattooed lady.
Nothing HUGE, but a fair amount of surface area is now covered in something lovely.

My mom actually made me promise to never get my face and/or neck tattooed.

I KNOW!! Right?

I digress.
That print is so lovely and I've handed over a new heart print as well as the seedpod, so I will post some images when I get them in my hot little hands!

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