Mar 15, 2008

procrastination is so in right now.

I have zero energy to be creative today. It literally took me 2 hours to get myself out of the house just to the fabric store.
Which is a TREAT. This is how tired I am right now.
I even had some coffee for breakfast (I am not allowed to have caffeine so this is serious people) and still I drag my ass about.
Sorry, my bum about.

So here is some silly stuff to look at while I continue my lazy day.
(I am going to TRY to get some stuff done, but I am not holding my breath)

I know what I'm like.

Norman will tell us that he's ready to play by biting the carpet. He never tears it up or anything, he just believes that it is the best way to communicate with us that he's ready to go and is tired of waiting for us to get the hint.

This is a mini diorama that I made just after Christmas with some cute ornaments that we got. Those two girls are shocked by the other girl's hair.
It was quite late when I thought this was HILARIOUS.

I pretty much thought that I was a genius when I took some grossgrain ribbon and sewed it into the inside of my jeans (a belt on the INSIDE! Rad right??)
I even thought ahead and sewed around the belt loops, feeling pretty good about my mad sewing skills.
Until I flipped it over and saw that I had not taken into account the foot pressure dragging the belt loops over and that they got sewn in anyway.
It's a learning process.

And then I wore the jeans the very next day and regretted not trying on the jeans BEFORE I had sewn the ribbon in because they had seriously shrunk in the wash and spent most of the day cutting off circulation to my torso.

Carrots in love.

And here is a shot of the new necklace being modeled. I flipping LOVE this right now, it is so comfortable and the mini tags jingle together SO NICELY all the time. Like tiny wind chimes around my neck. I'm flipping out about it right now!

I am going to finish drinking my smoothie (raspberry and cranberry with banana tofu)
and think about cutting out some pattern pieces for a summer dress I want to try.

Ciao Dah-lings!

1 comment:

Crafty Mama said...

Your story about the jeans sounds exactly like something I would do. Great ideas come easily, but the execution is, um, not so easy.


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