Jan 18, 2008

Glasses what!

Well it's official, I need new glasses.
I am okay with this. I look forward to fewer headaches due to eye strain, that's for sure.
And now begins the search for rad frames!

I have had my eye on a pair that I saw when Geoff got new glasses last year. Lovely Alfred Sung frames, that I can't find online, but that I remember quite fondly.

And I have been looking online at other frames trying to find a cheap alternative.
Because I don't really want to fork over $$$ right now.
These are the ones that I like online.

My main hesitation with buying online, is that I can't try them on. Which is a shame, because I love trying on frames.
That's how I fall in love with them.
But so far the top blue ones are a clear winner, and the clear and brown ones (second from the bottom) are my size, almost perfectly actually. But I still want to see them on my face. And the program that these websites have is not as effective as I would like.
Oh well!
I've still got my heart set on those original Alfred Sung's so we'll see.
Or I will once I get new frames anyway.

Did you get what I did there?


1 comment:

Deedee said...

I like the second pair.
They're bedazzled.


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