Jan 6, 2008

Oh 2007, you were going so smoothly there for a while.
We should have seen it coming that you would end with a bang.

It was a pretty smooth year, all things considered. I worked toward Out of Hand and that went well, and Geoff's school wrapped up without a hitch. At least I feel that way, he might disagree. It seemed like an even keel was kept throughout.

And then we decided to go to Seattle for a celebratory Raptors game on December 21st.
The weather was perfect for a drive, not to bright but nice and clear.
We got about 35 minutes passed the border and pulled into a rest stop so I could pee.
As I do.
And the car stopped. Before we turned it off.
And the hood was smoking.
Turns out after a whole day of stress and trying to get the car to a dealership (with no cell phone) that the engine had overheated and was basically screwed.
This is what I understand anyway.
We did manage to get to the game, in a rental car, a little late since we sat in accident traffic on the I5 for an HOUR.
Those poor people weren't having a good day either.
The game was not so good. And after the events of the day our hearts just weren't in it.
So we left a little early to try to get home before 1am.

At the border (at midnight) they informed us that Canadians can't legally drive a car with US plates unless it's properly imported, and that they could turn us back to Washington.
Thankfully the borderguard we spoke to was the NICEST guy ever and let us drive home, but we couldn't drive the rental at all. Which was a shame since we had rented it for 5 days so we could still do Christmas on the island.
In the end it all worked out, we hitched a ride over with a friend and family was nice enough to drive us around when we needed it.
Thank you guys.

Other events occurred that I feel would be disrespectful to blog about (blogs are too casual a medium for such news) But Grandpa, you will be missed.

We rang in the New Year quietly. Watched a movie and went to bed after listening to the neighbors whoop it up for a while.

So now it's 2008 and I wonder what it will bring.
I look into it with expectations of good things and the knowledge of landing on my feet in case of not so good things.
But my fingers are crossed for good things!

Best wishes to all of YOU too.


Unknown said...

This year will be good. Just you wait and see

Unknown said...

and get some stuff in that etsy shop already. jeez

Deedee said...

I second that....you tease with the "shop here!!", and yet, I can do no shopping.
I love shopping.
Happy 2008!!
I am a mad fool for ya! xoxo


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