Sep 2, 2007

Oh god, Ikea

Oh lordy. I told you we were going to accost Ikea in an inappropriate way today and we certainly tried.
Although I think that Ikea actually did a number on us instead.
We took a couple of wrong turns on the way there, and thank goodness we were all levelheaded about the whole thing.

There were a couple of dicey moments, but in the end we got in and out in one piece.
However I will say this... I will NEVER go to Ikea on the last long weekend before school starts EVER again.

Holy shitballs people.

Otherwise it's a lovely good time!
The food at the Coquitlam location is actually really good. Kristy got a quiche that was quite delicious, and I had me a slice of a gluten free hazelnut toffee sweet.
Gluten free!! If Geoff and I weren't trying to not eat sweets I would have brought home a whole pie.
(I know what you are thinking, but I had to TRY it to make sure it was something that I wanted to purchase a whole box of. I'm back off the sweets as of now.)


This is how we found ourselves after an hour or so.

Mom actually came through with flying colours out of the whole business. She was keen and raring to go for more. If Kristy and I could have handled it.
Perhaps another weekend.
I think Kristy said something about the Aquarium.
Later though.
Now I must nap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Ikea! Best stay out of my way when Ikea is involved.... :) Come on, girls! Stand tall and shop proud!

Love ya, Ma xox


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