Sep 29, 2007

I know I know, it's been so long.
I'm very busy and important.

Here is an update in photos!

We have house spiders.

This isn't even this biggest one we've had skitter across the floor.
We had one dash across the wall that I thought was a mouse.
Yeah, a MOUSE.

We liberate all of them, except the mouse one, he got vaccuumed because we didn't want him nesting in the cables behind the TV. And he had already snuck back there before we had the cup ready.
Sorry dude.

This is the beetle that jumped off the roof in the spring. We framed him.
We love him.

Last weekend we were in Victoria and we spent a night up at the lake. We sneak up there every chance we get because it's so lovely.
This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning.

I want to wake up to that every day.

Oh yeah! And in other news, check out the top!
Flippin awesome.
I'm going to make one with a big cowl neck and longer sleeves in fleece.
Oh so cozy!

The best part of that first picture is that it's only got one sleeve at that point! I love it!

Now I must dash, the Men are hungry!

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