Sep 9, 2007

Long day. But good.

I busted out the new sewing machine today.
It's so nice.

I've been so excited to start sewing. I am even thinking about making my winter coat this year, I know! I've got the pattern now and everything. I believe I mentioned it before, but I'm mentioning it again. Excited.

This is what I got done today...

I picked up some lovely chocolate brown cordouroy from the fabric place just up Fraser. It's such a funny little place with all sorts of old school fabrics and notions from days of yore. But that's what I am going for. Perfect yes??
Ahem, anyway...

You can sort of see the top coming together.
I just can't do anymore today. I am working the early shift at the clinic tomorrow and I need to not fall asleep frustrated. (which I was feeling fairly regularly throughout this process. I don't think I communicated that yet. )
I nearly cried at one point! I don't know if you are familiar with pattern instructions, but they are bizarre and don't REALLY make sense.
So now I am finished for today and will pick it up again with a fresh perspective.
Plus my back hurts from scrunching up under the machine all day.
But it's so nice. She doesn't have a name yet, I don't want to rush it.
(I've been told that sewing machines pick their own names.)

Must sleep now

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