Sep 11, 2007

Long day continues...

I am pretty determined to finished that top today. I was having (still having) a hard time figuring out the instructions. As far as I can tell, they want me to sew the back seam of the facing to the back seam of the back of the top and THEN turn it inside out so I can finish it. This makes no sense to me because the back seam will be all twisted up and upside down. As far as I can tell.
So I am thinking... screw it! I am going to sew up the back and skip the tie at the neckline (I don't really want that anyway) and go from there.
This is what I am thinking.

We shall see how it works. And if all else fails I can wait until Angie shows up and I can ask her what the hell is going on.
But it's so cute and I want to wear it now. Even though it's ripping hot outside at the moment.
I know! It's been wacky weather central this summer.

Actually now that I think of it, I might wait for Angie after all. She'll be here in two days. That's not so bad.
And then at least it will be done properly!

Today then I will continue to set stones.

I've got 8 more of these bad boys ready to set. 5 with peridots and 3 more with amethysts. They are mini medallions that will have sharp gold bails to match the gold settings (gold currently on order) I am thinking of scratching up the surface treatments a bit more too. I want more of a matte finish for these guys.
And this weekend I am going in search of precious, faceted beads for some Simple Pendants. So cute.
Will post pictures later.
I will leave you with this.

Mmmmm Crepes

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