Jun 21, 2007

Home again, home again

Jiggity jig.
Oh the island was WONDERFUL. I can't say enough abut the awesomeness of this trip back. The weather was great, the company was better and I even got some stuff done.
Not a lot, but hey, I was on vacation!

Up at the lake we pulled the bed out into the living room so we could fall asleep watching the fire. (after it had burned down appropriately OF COURSE!) Safety first.

We played a couple games of bocci, one in which my Man threw an amazing last roll. Please notice the picture above. Unprecedented I think.

We made smores with the fantastic graham crackers that I stayed up late for, totally worth it. Although I have to say, I am seriously sticking to my "No More Nutella" rule from now on. Too dangerous to have around that stuff.
Add to that some StrongBow and you've got a breakfast of champions.
Again, I was on vacation people.

There was a hilarious little family of robins that was scooting around the whole time too, bobbing and weaving and doing an excellent job of pulling worms. So cute.
And a good time was had by all.

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