Jun 12, 2007

We got a lot done today

Tuesdays are my day home from the office to work strictly on jewellery. This usually means that I putter around the house for a few hours, doing dishes, tidying up and generally procrastinating. Until I finally buckle down and get to it. It usually takes me a little while to get in to the zone if you will. But once I'm there I can motor through so much great stuff, and today was no exception.
1. I hopped on the bus and got my registration (of my business!) started. Right now my name is being checked to make sure that I can keep Janamade as my business moniker. I am really hoping that it goes through, since I've been using the name for a while now and have lovely cards already printed.
2. I made chocolate covered ginger from scratch. It is my all time favorite candy, so much so that I am thinking of limiting my candy intake to just that. And now I have figured out how to make my own (dear lord we're in trouble!)
It's delicious. It's easy and I can whip it up as gifts. If I want to. THere is even a lovely lucky by product of making it myself... GINGER SYRUP! ( Oh god just think of what we can eat it on.)
3. I replaced the beater brush belt on our vacuum. Not too exciting per se, but it NEEDED to be done. (See above picture of broken original belt)
4. Wrote and mailed off some father's day cards to the Grandpa's. Feeling good about that.
5. And last but not least I have been working like a little trooper on jewellery. Earrings are in the tumbler as I write this and pendants are on the go on my bench. And as soon as I'm done messing around on the computer, it's back to the studio!

Good day!

1 comment:

Deedee said...

I am so happy that you have a blog!
You are so getting a link on mine. And I want your recipe for the ginger....yummy!


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