Jun 15, 2007

getting ready for a week away...

Oi, I am not such a huge fan of packing up late and getting up early.
Naturally I take the time out to blog.
So unhealthy.
Himself and I are heading to the island for a week in between semesters. Much time will be spent lounging about.
I am very much looking forward to it.
At the moment... I've got graham cracker batter refridgerating (at least another half hour ugh!)
A bag airing out ( a great garage sale find that right now smells a little bit like old motel room. Looking forward to cramming my clothes in there.)
Laundry in the washer AND the dryer.
A pendant that needs another good wallop with the polisher, tomorrow.
And an outfit to figure out for work tomorrow morning.
But on the lighter side...
I've got prints for Oui ready to go and a package of earrings ready to get to Shampoo and a haircut in the works!
FAN tastic!!
AND we had an amazing meal at Sawasdee, a great thai restaurant that we checked out tonight.
I have ZERO to complain about!

No pictures this time, but I plan to take LOADS this week and do a photo mostly post when we get back!

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