Apr 9, 2011

How to Be a Good Post Partum Visitor

I read this today over on Dear Baby and thought it was a great little article to share.
I have even considered just not telling anyone when Sonny arrives because I have no interest in hosting a house full of people with a day old baby.

Who in their right mind would I ask you??

Is that selfish? I don't think so. I would never presume to invite myself over to someone's home immediately after they'd had a baby. I offer support absolutely and if they want a meal or some cleaning or whatever, I am totally there. But I always wait until they are ready and INVITE ME.

That being said, we are so crazy lucky to have all of our super supportive family in the same city as us and a whole slew of incredible friends who have already offered support and baby clothes and gear that we wouldn't have been able to afford on our own.

And if you want to come over to see Sonny, please do. Just arrange before hand so that I know you're coming so I can put a bra on. Maybe brush my teeth. Find a shirt without barf or poop on it.

And make your own tea.



I didn't tell a soul I was in labour because A) I didn't want performance anxiety knowing that there were rabid grandparents waiting in the wings of my mind, and B) I didn't want any of those grandparents (or other relatives or friends) knocking at my door too early.

I think it is a good strategy. Also, you can make a sign to put on your front door letting spontaneous drop-ins know the new house rules :)

Avital said...

Thanks for linking to me!

Protect your little babymoon nest! It's the best thing you can do, those new days with your fresh out of the womb baby are short and few and should be cherished and not trampled on by well-intentioned but clueless visitors. You're not selfish at all!


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