Apr 13, 2011

The Noonie and an update

Since we're so close to the end now (this weekend marks out 39th week, of being pregnant, for 39 weeks. SO WEIRD) our midwives are keeping a close eye on us. We're going in weekly now and we've had our fabulous Doula come by our house for a home visit too.

Did you know we were planning to do this at home?

Well we are.

About three weeks ago Sonny flipped his little self around and is now facing posterior, which means Back Labour.

The little stinker had been in the right position for MONTHS until then.

So today we had our first of three chiropractor visits to try to shift him around.

No cracking, just some nice mellow muscle adjustments and some lovely energy work to encourage the little bugger to roll back over.

We also spent the day running house errands and thrifting for all of the linens we need for our Home Birth Bin (read, large tupperware full of stuff to have ready, towels, oils, etc) among other things.

Nursing bras are depressing. I'm just saying.


I STILL haven't uploaded anything from the camera, even though I've been taking pictures, but I did come across this today, an item on etsy that I'd favorited MONTHS before we even got pregnant.


How insanely cute is this thing?

The answer you are looking for is Super Insanely.

Check out the shop here.

I am really loving all those chubby cheeks!



Heather Anne said...

I think it's amazing you are doing a home birth!!!! When my time comes I will need to have a C-Section, so I envy your choice.

Also, yes...those Noonies are ADORABLE! I want one for myself!

Kaisah said...

I made a Noonie and you can too (or you canhave th eone I made). It's from the Lotta Jansdotter baby sewing book. It's a little different, no hood but velcro closures across the front. Let me know if you want to borrow mine or make your own...in a week!?

YOu're going to be awesome at your home birth! Yay home birthing!

Kaisha said...

Wow, I spelled my own name wrong. That's embarassing.

Jana May said...

Yeah I love to make my own! Although I don't know if I'll be making anything more elaborate than dinner in the next little while. Lotta Jansdottir you say? I love her.

Plus if I do make it myself I bet I could make an adult sized one too. Because seriously, Heather you are on to something.

Anonymous said...

You will be a birth super star! And one heak of an amazing mama... best wishes to you in these last few days :) xoxoxo -Zoe


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