Apr 18, 2011

The Bump! Part 5

These shots are all from 37 weeks. (2 weeks ago)

I have managed to avoid maternity wear for the most part, yes I have probably stretched out a couple of perfectly good shirts, and my leggings have DEFINITELY seen better days (like they are going to have to get trashed as soon as I can afford new ones!) but all in all I have been able to makeshift my regular clothes into outfits that accomodate Sonny's little belly.

And it is pretty little. I still get snooty/angry looks from ladies who were bigger than me when they were pregnant, but I am not staying small on purpose! I am eating really well (read A LOT) and I am also measuring exactly where we should be at all of our midwife visits, so I am not going to stress it. As long as Sonny is healthy there is nothing to worry about, and so far so good.

These last pictures are all from 38 weeks.

Yes that is a Star Wars tshirt.

That I love.

And those jeans? Just regular jeans that I wore undone with a belt! No belly band or anything, just a long shirt over top of my totally undone pants.

Classy dame.

I will admit that I can't do that anymore, Sonny's sitting low enough now that I am strictly wearing stretchy pants, but it was nice to wear jeans while I could.

I think that's one of the things that I am most looking forward to when we're not preggers anymore. JEANS.

Well. Considering our Due Date is a whopping 7 DAYS AWAY, I shouldn't have to wait too much longer.

Holy Shit.

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Heather Anne said...

Aww, you look great! Healthy and vibrant!


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