Feb 15, 2011

The Bump! part 2

Here are some more shots of Sonny incognito.

I think these are 27 weeks

This outfit here (red cardigan and plaid shirt) is a good camouflage ensemble. It doesn't look like I'm too big here. There are some clothes that just make it look bigger, and it freaks me out a bit. SO there are a lot of tunics and leggings in my immediate future.

28 weeks

I think I took this last one just last week so we're at 29 weeks here.

I am not very big yet, people still don't notice that I am pregnant if I am wearing my jacket and scarf, and sometimes even at work, depending on the outfit, it takes people a few minutes of staring to figure out what's going on! And I've had a couple of ladies who've already had babies telling me that they HATE me, because I guess they were a lot bigger at the same point. I'm not taking it too personally, I am happy to not be huge already, and frankly I am a little terrified of how much bigger he's/I'm going to get in the next couple of months.

Because I am sure that I'm going to "pop" soon, I have heard that this is a thing, and that I should expect it.

I should probably be posting these weekly, but I haven't managed to get myself organized enough for that lately. I will try though. Maybe Tuesdays will be Bump days? Who am I kidding?? I'll aim for weekly, but I can't commit to one day a week that it will actually happen! Even if I wanted to my schedule changes too much!

(literally as I typed that out Work called and I have to go in early!) Spooky.

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sarah said...

You're rocking the Long John skirt with that bump of yours!


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