Oct 24, 2011

The Boss is asleep

So I get to pop onto the computer for a moment....

breathe in

breathe out

casually (but with a slightly maniacal bent, because I don't really know how LONG I'll be able to "relax" right now. oy) perusing my bookmarked blogs, finding amazing inspiration in little things here and there.

Thinking about tattoos (for my Sonny) and skinny jeans (for me, to snug into my favorite boots now that I have FINALLY had the heels fixed!) and commemorative jewellery.

Like, I have designed a little something that I want. For Me.

But it got me thinking that maybe someone else might like one too.
(such a tease I know)

(I'll take pictures once I've made it, if it works)

And you can let me know if you need one too.

Also, new bangles are being sampled in the Sunday Studio, and I'm pretty excited about these.

So. No pictures to look at, but some words to read and things to think about. For me mostly.

And now I'm going to clean up dinner so I can wake up to a clean kitchen tomorrow.

Little pleasures!

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