Nov 10, 2011

I am certain that one day I will talk about stuff BESIDES this kid

(I will tell you that he doesn't always look like a hipster)

But not today I am afraid.

He's asleep in bed right now. OUR bed, not his bed. He has in fact NEVER slept in his bed. The lovely bed that I HAD to get from Ikea months before he was born that he has spent all of three hours in total. SERIOUSLY.

He's teething. Two vicious little teeth that drive him (and me) crazy, make him nurse every hour (no joke) and stuff every single thing he can get his hands on into his mouth to rub and pull against those nasty sharp little teeth.

And I fear that crawling is not far away.

Like all he has to do is coordinate ONE MORE MOVE and he's moving. Everywhere. Faster than you think a tiny human could actually go. So fast.

He's not even 7 months old yet!

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