Jul 27, 2010

Some wonderful advice (from a pretty awesome blogger)

I struggle with this CONSTANTLY and I am really trying to wrap my head around how to better organize my studio/brain to be better at working from home and being a better entrepreneur. (because frankly I feel like I suck at it sometimes!)

Over at Paper N Stitch, Brittni has put together a list of great ideas to implement into any at home business routine (mine especially) and I don't know about you, but it's really helpful to me to see things written down in a list!

Please take a look!

(I am going to so some planning for my own space this evening when I get home from work, I think a white board on the door asking me if I finished what I needed to that day -with a list of what I wanted to accomplish- is a good starting point for my brain!)

Here is a shot of her beautiful desk set up, and a link to the post as well!

I love how tidy and bright it is!

Thank you Brittni!

1 comment:

Heather Anne said...

Thanks for this. I work from home and my office is a complete disaster area. So much so that I sometimes refuse to work in there and will work from my couch instead.


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