May 22, 2010

Let me just gush about a few things...

I am going to just have a gushfest right now.
A few things that I am LOVING, in no particular order...

Cute Short Haircuts.
I know that I've gone on about them before, but I am starting to see some REALLY cute short haircuts around lately.
These ladies are all rocking some sweet crops that I am COVETING hard.

(all pics from

It's BEAUTIFUL today, I rode my bike to the farmers market and it was perfect and amazing the whole way. Thank you weather for today!

My Bike.
It's hilarious and amazing. I haven't taken pictures of it yet, because I am still working on it, but it's ride-able now, and just the day before yesterday I strapped a tiny back pack to the rear wheel for a random, makeshift pannier.


So this afternoon I am going to pick up a second one from Mountain Equipment Coop so I've got a balanced pair. $11 is totally doable.

I have named my bike La Beasty-clette.

I am loving her a lot right now.

The Moss St. Market.
(check out their website here)
Since I just got back from there I am feeling extra lovey towards it. I picked up some beautiful carrots (eating them raw right now in fact) tiny turnips, fresh apple juice, some wild crafted muscle salve, a beautiful tiny little dish to put my rings in at night(from a girl who couldn't have been more than 10), some neighborhood honey (and I'm not even kidding when I tell you it's made BLOCKS from my house. So awesome) some salad greens. And I only took $45 with me!

Oh my god!
So happy right now!



Also just returned from the market. Also feeling gushy about it.

Actually found myself wondering if you had a stall there whilst perusing the goods.

Jana May said...

Not yet, but it's in my plan to sell there. I spoke with the committee before the market started and their quota for jewellers was already full for the year! :(
But I am going to go down on a review weekend and see if I can get in for next summer.

Maybe we'll bump into each other whilst shopping some time!

Jade said...

Hi! I am seriously thinking about cutting my hair short this summer and I just love these pictures you have posted. Do you know who the actress is in the middle picture? I was going to see if I could find some more pics of her hair.

Thanks so much!

Jana May said...

I think her name is Jessica Stroub or Stour? She's on the new 90210 as "Silver".
I found this picture on
There's a "celebs" folder option and they've just got loads of silly celeb profiles, and some great photos.

Good luck on going short! It will be AMAZING!


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