May 29, 2010

Oh lord I SLEPT IN! (now I ramble, prepare yourself for a long winded one)

A lot.

I set my alarm for 8:15am, as I usually do.
But I hit the snooze.


Then turned it off!

What was I thinking??

I woke up officially at 11:07.

Good grief!

I have some serious plans of THINGS TO DO today. Laundry is on there.
I want to set up some twinkly lights in the hallway closet (we've got some storage under the stairs on the other side of the house -the stairs are on the other side of the house, the storage is our kitchen pantry right now)
So I want to do that.

Vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom. Weekend chores you know.

Geoff is at the lake working this morning, I think he'll be back later this afternoon. And once he gets home I won't get anything done.

He's like my very own free time black hole.
I mean this in the nicest way, unless he's super stressed out studying, if he's home I just want to hangout. And as much as I try to work on other things, if he's around? Forget it.

We don't even have to be DOING anything, usually it's tea and a couch cozy.

My Mom has a twin sized day bed that we are going to trade for the small loveseat that we have here so that we can sit together on one piece of furniture.
(right now when we want to sit together we have to push the arm chair and ottoman up against the loveseat so there is room for both of us - because let's not forget that Norman has priority seating at all times. Which is curled up between Geoff's legs.
All the time)
Norman is a 40 pound dog that stretches into a 4 foot tall, sharp angled imp.

And Geoff's Mom is away this week so after dinner I've been going over to hang out with the Miss, her hilarious fat cat.
It's been tough, hanging out with a goofy cat reading novels? Torture.

Anyway, what I am getting at is that I am trying to spend LESS time in front of the computer because my production time in the studio is already compromised by my self inflicted Hub time. So that is part of the reason why posting here has been light lately. Also I've been working a monday to friday job that has also kept me out of the studio on top of my general air of procrastination that is always following me around. Particularly when I walk by my studio.

I look in.
I think "later".
I walk into the kitchen to make some food.
Then it's 11pm somehow and then I go to bed.

I know that this is something to work on. I am. TRUST ME it's making me crazy.
I've got some studio re-arranging plans, trying to make it a sanctuary for me. Just me.

So another part of my plan for this weekend is to start that project. Make that bloody room as inviting to me as possible so that I WANT to be in there. And not resent being in there. Good grief working from home is HARD! Why am I such a baby?

So now I am getting to it.
I've got the stereo on, volume high. Florence & the Machine is on high rotation right now. Then I am feeling like it will be a shuffle between Queen, JT, and Bat for Lashes.

Bit of a weird mix up I'll grant you, but it all get's me going!

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you out there.


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