Dec 29, 2009

Terry Pratchett

My ongoing love for you knows no bounds.

I discovered the DiscWorld when I was 17, a friend who worked at the bookstore in the mall suggested the first novel, thinking that I would like it.

Boy was she right. I have read every book he's ever written, and when Geoff and I worked at Bolen Books, He came to do a reading and a signing and I got a hug. From. Terry. Pratchett.

It was awesome and weird. I have a picture of it tucked into my copy of Good Omens, which is boxed up somewhere under my parent's house.

I named my cat after a character that I love, still love, although now reading that book (Good Omens, which I started into again last night) is bittersweet, because I don't have that little bastard anymore. He definitely suited his name though, and I am hoping still does.

For Christmas Geoff gave me The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic graphic novels, and I finished them last night (hence the starting into Good Omens again)

I might have to read the whole series again now!

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