Dec 3, 2009

good times

I found this picture in a bunch of papers that I unpacked from the lake last weekend and had to share.

Just LOOK at my hair! (yes that's me)
I will never understand why my mother gave us bowl cuts AND mullets AT THE SAME TIME.

Both of us too, if I had a picture of my sister at that time she would have a very similar haircut. Except that her hair was curly.

I can't look at this without laughing.

(can you see my hands? I think that I am preparing to twirl or curtsey at the time the photo was taken. My Mom is a pro at the "catching us off guard" shot. If we knew it was coming we would make faces or pose, we each had/have our own signature pose.
Mine is similar to Peter Pan, hands on hips, legs braced. Kristy's was/is the flirty glance over the shoulder/hip out move. And she could pull that out with just seconds notice too, so hilarious and amazing.)

I love you Mom!

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